Prana Yoga College is looking for teachers in US, Canada and Europe,that will represent us for Entrainment yoga. The idea is to train teachers so they can train other yoga teachers in Entrainment yoga and certify them on behalf of Prana Yoga College.

Entrainment Yoga – Yoga for the Chakras, is a unique style that has no comparison in the world. It is based on the tradition of classic hatha yoga, but consists of a beautiful choreography by Shakti Mhi to seven music compositions designed for each chakra by Pepe Danza.

People love this unique style and it is rapidly spreading. Right now there are no other teachers that can train yoga teachers in Entrainment Yoga except Shakti, and she would like to delegate the training to some of the Prana Yoga College teachers.


The criteria for becoming an Entrainment Yoga Trainer are:

  • Sincerity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Completing the Entrainment Yoga course
  • Completing 70 hours of actual teaching Entrainment.
  • Writing an essay about any topic that relates to the chakras
  • Being mentor after the course is done by Shakti
  • And finally, getting certified as a senior Entrainment teacher.

Watch samples of Entrainment Yoga flows on our youtube channels:


The business relation between Prana Yoga College and the senior Entrainment teacher will be based on:

  • You will be able to operate certified courses under the name Prana Yoga College.
  • The tuition fee for the courses will be according to Prana Yoga College fees.
  • Prana Yoga College will promote the courses on its website while you promote it on your side.
  • You will get 60% of the revenues.
  • A legal agreement will be signed between Prana Yoga College and the senior teacher.


Entrainment Yoga course is either a stand alone course or a course within 300 Teacher Training course. Get more information about our next courses – click here>>


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