The Obsession with Yoga Anatomy

In today’s yoga culture, yoga instructors take endless anatomy workshops and seminars, studying in excruciating detail which muscles contract when you blink your right eye.

Increasingly, yoga instructors compulsively fill up the already cluttered minds of their students with obscure anatomical details. During the yoga class the poor students are trying either to make sense of how the floating rib relates to the sitting bones or are trying to visualize their pelvis as a fruit bowl which swings back and forth as they do the cat pose.

There is no argument that understanding what happens to the physical body as we practice the asanas (yoga postures) helps the body open faster. It is important that yoga teachers know the body and its parts and be able to share it in simple terms with their students.

But why are so many instructors so obsessed with anatomy? Why are anatomy and alignment the only topics discussed in yoga classes?

It is no secret that the practice of Hatha yoga is not only about the body and becoming fit as its end goal. In the practice of spiritual yoga you are mindfully taking care of the body because it is the platform for the transformation to take place. When the physical body is in ease, when it is free of pain and diseases, it doesn’t consume prana (energy life force). As a result, prana can build and accumulate in the body to become a high frequency fuel for the consciousness to transform onto its utmost potential.

So maybe the reason for the anatomy mania is simply because instructors are lacking spirituality. You can study anatomy but you must experience spirituality in order to demonstrate it in your teaching. Perhaps the fixation with anatomy fills up the void of not knowing and the gap of not experiencing.

Perhaps excessive anatomy instruction is becoming a trendy cover-up for diluted teaching. Instructors should not try to avoid silence in their classes, for it speaks volumes.

By shakti mhi

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