The Key to the Mystery

A few days ago we changed all the locks in our house. The next day we were expecting a visit from a friend of ours arriving from Nelson. When she called, we were out of the house so we asked her where she was, and she said “I just arrived and I am in your house”. We were very surprised she was inside our house, as no one had got a copy of our new key yet. When we asked her how she opened the door, she said “with the key I always open with” and she added that strangely enough, she had a hard time opening the door but finally she managed. We got into the car and rushed home, curious to see how it was possible that the old key opened the new lock. We were complaining to each other about paying for changing the locks and not getting the service. We were ranting about our locksmith and planned to get home, call the company and let them know what we thought about their service.

When we got home, we did what most of humanity would do in such a worrisome situation: we took the old key and ran to the door to see if it worked – and it didn’t!  Now the mystery grew even bigger. First our friend opens our door with a key that should not work, and then the same key does not work anymore – which is what it was supposed to do (or rather not do) in the first place, how strange?

The mind immediately classifies such an event as “this is crazy” but once we relaxed and considered the facts, everything made sense in the most paradoxical way. It wasn’t the key that opened the door; it was our friend’s certainty that she was using the right key.

Often what we know and believe outlines our reality, and as a consequence either limits our experiences or expands our reality.

Knowing that we cannot fly is what keeps us on the ground; not gravity or our physiology mechanism.

If a person who is paralyzed knows or believes strongly that the touch of a holy person can heal him or her, he or she may instantly stand up and start walking.

If a person free of all illness believes strongly that he or she has got cancer, the person will get cancer, and vice versa.

As long as you know and believe that walking on fire will burn your feet, that is what you will experience; but if you change your beliefs and knowing to “I can walk on fire with no harm,” you will be able to do so. And I guess it is the same with walking on water ;-)

Our friend didn’t know that we had changed the key, what she “knew” and believed was that the key she was using was the right key. The fact the key wasn’t the right one created difficulty for her to open the door, but her strong sense of knowing that this was the right key, free of hesitation, was the force that vibrated the key to fit in the “wrong” lock. By the time we arrived in the house, we all knew the key was not the right one and that conviction vibrated the key back from being the “right key” to being the “wrong key”.

The physical word that we project through our perceptions has no absolute meaning, form or shape. We keep forming and reforming this world with our knowing and beliefs. That doesn’t mean that you can all come to my house with your own keys and try to open the door…. ;-)


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