Shakti Mhi is the author of the book “The Enigma of Self Realization”.


The debate about enlightenment’s existence or nonexistence is on.enigma-book

It always was and always will be. The reason for this is that once enlightenment is discussed, it naturally gets squeezed into concepts and definitions.

Definitions and concepts are the blossoming of perceptions. Perceptions are the seeds of the mind. Taking into consideration that each of our minds changes momentarily, I am leaving to you the calculation of how many spiritual minds are out there, to form countless perceptions that portray infinite definitions about enlightenment. No wonder so many spiritual seekers are in confusion, doubt and despair about the issue.

I invite you to immerse yourself in the teaching, revealed in these book, and explore your own authentic enlightenment experience.

Shakti Mhi


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Shakti is the author of the book "The Enigma of Self Realization"