Spiritual Q and A – How do students recognize their teacher(s) accurately?

Finding a teacher is like finding a lover, where the first sensation you feel in you when meeting, is butterflies in your navel area and excitement in the heart center. The pupils get darker and the breath stops for a second. You are amused and maybe even a bit emotional. You feel like you are experiencing a long time dream that never really had a clear image to it but had very specific feelings that you are experiencing in this very moment again, only this time it is real. The only difference between meeting a lover and meeting a teacher is that in the first case the mind will interrupt the intuitive interaction by bringing up reasoning and logic into the dynamic. Reasoning and logic cannot exist between you and your teacher. You have to strip yourself of the need to make sense so your teacher can walk you into dimensions your mind could not even imagine. If you cannot let go of your mind and it’s bodyguard (ego) you won’t be able to stay with this teacher. She or he cannot be your teacher because they don’t have the power to burn your attachment to your possessions in the form of the things you think you know.

Love shakti

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