Spiritual Q and A – Empowerment Through Healing

Dear shakti,

i am writing you seeking spiritual guidance.

recently, i have found out that i have substantial hearing loss in one ear which is permanent and also severe ringing in that same ear, which is also permanent.

i have coped well for weeks thinking that is was temporary but now that i know that it is permanent, i am having a tough time.

do you have any thoughts on how i can find acceptance with this?


shakti’s response is below in red.
Dear B

Did you seek help within the field of holistic medicine?

Do not give up and do not let anyone take your hope of healing from you.

This is a serious condition that may be helped with the right action and the right length of time so you need to be patient. Our bodies can create miracles in terms of healing and reversing conditions but you need to believe in it first no matter what others say.

For example, in Ayurveda there is the knowledge that the condition of ringing ears can come from not having enough fat in the body, drying the nervous system with ringing in the ears as a result.

If I were you I would:

1. Read everything about my condition so I know more than my doctor.

2. Put urine drops in both of my ears on a daily basis.

3. Find the best Ayurvedic doctor or Chinese doctor for acupuncture and see which one makes sense to you and feel who you should see or maybe even get treated by both.

4. Do a daily visualization and affirmation about having powerful healthy ears.

In a time of crisis in your body you must take action led by your own judgement and intuition. By taking action you become your own master. A time of healing can become an empowering period where you learn about your inner power. Use this time as a turning point to expand your awareness about your body and mind.

Remember, doctors often know a lot about little. In the holistic approach you can have an ear condition because of a condition in another organ in your body or an emotional state etc. This is why you need to look not for a specialist but for holistic therapists that can see the whole body and yourself in it as one.

Do not waste your time, start now, and let me know how you are doing.


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