Satyananda Teacher Training

Dear Shakti,

I did your TTC in Thailand in 2006 and enjoyed it more than words can say. I now want to do more teacher training but cannot come to Canada for 1-2 months to do your level 2 because of work. There is a very good Satyananda yoga centre near where I live and I have applied to do a two year teacher training course with them starting late this year. I have no doubt about the authenticity of the course or the teachers, they are wonderful and teach from the heart. However, my only reservation is that I don’t love the Satyananda style as much as I love the prana yoga style. But many of the most important elements are there for me. I don’t like the fact that the classes don’t flow.
Having said that, I think this may be the best quality teacher training in Ireland. Should I go ahead and do it, trying to ignore the aspect of flow and bring my own style to it afterwards? I’m confused. What do you think?

Peace and Love,

Please see below shakti’s response in red

Hi Karen
It is nice to hear from you.

Level 1 deals mainly with the asanas and methods, and tools to teach them. Level 2 is supposed to expand the teacher’s knowledge on other aspects of yoga. If the course deals mainly in teaching the asanas, it is not necessary for you to do it as it will be redundant, especially if you are not fond of their style. But if the asanas are a small component of the course and your intuition tells you that the teaching is deep, valuable and clean of new age nonsense, go for it.

I hope this is helpful to you.


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