Is yogic philosophy against my beliefs? – shakti’s response on Yoga and Unity

The following is a spiritual question from a student followed by shakti’s reply in red.
student’s question:

Hi, i am a student of an international college of esthetics in burnaby and as i am going into my course i have been introduced to the chakras and energy healing in a workshop that took place in my college which was so impressing for me as a first experience but later on as a muslim i started getting interested in understanding the back meaning of yoga, reiki, aura and etc to veify if i m not practicing something against islam and i got so confused when i found that each chakra had its god or goddest behind it which is totally throwing me off as i like to upgrade my skills to healing skill services for the seek of my potential clients but i totally refuse to get into any practice that promotes a belief that is against islam in which i m not convainced and i would never be able to do so however i like the aspect of the peace of mind healing strategies and that is why i m looking into getting a sincere honest answer as i m also considering taking more healing workshops if it happens that there is no echue related to my question

thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my question

shakti’s response:

Yoga is a universal art and science that enables you to see reality as it is without drawing you to or indicating any specific reality. It gives us tools to live a healthy holistic life so that is easier to find internal peace. When the body is clean, healthy and in ease it reduces the fluctuations of the mind and the emotions and moves us into stillness.

Because the wisdom of yoga is a universal one, it can not be tied to any religion or belief. As yoga came from India it developed along side the Hindu culture and religion. It is true that some people unite the science of yoga with Hinduism, but this is a choice that one makes. I myself have practiced yoga since I was 14 years old without any religious connotation.

The chakras are energy centers that will vibrate in your body no matter what belief you have. The same is with your hands; if you learn to generate healing energy from your hands you will be able to do it no matter who is your God. It is the individual’s choice to dedicate this healing energy to a specific God or set of beliefs, but the energy and the intent to heal exist on their own.

So from now own, either, find a yoga teacher that teaches the science of yoga with no religious affiliation or, when you hear religious comments interlacing with the wisdom of yoga be selective of what you take in and what you leave behind.

Lastly, the meaning of the word yoga in Sanskrit is union. If yoga wisdom belongs to one religion and leaves other beliefs outside of its practice it is not a union anymore it is a separation.


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