Inventory for Freedom and Love

  • Be free of the fear of rejection, be free of all attachments.
  • Open yourself to love with no ownership or agenda.
  • Be aware you cannot demand more from people than what they want to give you, or are able to give you.
  • Dance with people, instead of tying their legs to yours to ensure that they are not going to dance with somebody else.
  • Allow others to be who they are and experience what they need to experience. Their experiences will enrich yours instead of taking away from them.
  • If you love and enjoy others do not stop others from loving and enjoy them as well.
  • Instead of putting a ring on your beloved’s finger that will indicate the limited space you are going to give him/her from now on, place a string of fresh flowers on his/her head to indicate your support to his/her on ongoing blossoming.
  • Let go of all rules. Only the moment will dictate what is right and what is wrong.
  • Bravely unfold your colourful personality even if it doesn’t fit the frames people put you in.
  • Drink wine from time to time and socialize with sharp/brilliant/wild people.
  • Bring all of your wisdom, experiences and creativity into action to manifest an incredible, rich and content life.
  • Know and accept that it won’t always be easy to find other players who will be willing to take their foot off the brake and celebrate love and life through true freedom.
  • Do not settle into the known, the familiar and the safe. Never stop exploring within!
  • Remember that love does not have past tense. It may change forms and shapes but it always is.


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