Appreciation from Student – The Boldness of Baldness

Thank you for your response to my question in August (I am C). I have recently been in your Saturday/Sunday classes, and I want to thank you very much for them. You are a guiding light, who inspires me every day to be a guiding light to others.

I have been taking your advice and practicing one asana at a time at home, and it works wonders for my emotional and spiritual well-being.

My partner, B has also learned a lot from your response to me.

I also wanted to write you to tell you that I have had to shave my head for a medical procedure (I had 2 benign cysts on my crown chakra, which have been removed).

Your post about shaving your head has been enormously helpful in the spiritual sense. I cut all my hair off in my sunny bathroom with some nice music and insence. I thought of your teaching as my hair fell down and laughed as I did. Later today my best friend will take me down to the beach and will shave the rest for me.

I learn so much from you. I won’t be practicing for a while as I have stitches on my head and they must heal.
My apologies for not saying this to you in person. I am a bit shy and the studio can be very busy.

Much love to you and many thanks for all of your knowledge that you share with your students. Hopefully I will see you soon.

Love C

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