Falling in Love

The term falling in love consists of two energetically opposite words, one that takes you down and one that takes you up.

Falling is a word that describes an unpleasant action that can endanger our physical survival. It is an undesirable state. It has a negative connotation and represents a situation over which we have no control and that could potentially end in physical pain.

Love is a word that describes the highest expression of feelings beyond mind and reasoning. In its essence it is a state of bliss that embraces everything and anything.

So how did such an expression come together, describing a state of bliss in a negative way? Is it because subconsciously we know more than we are aware of?

When we say that we fall in love, it is not love that we fall into but rather into our emotions that blind us from seeing how needy and addicted we are when it comes to love.

When we fall in love we actually fall into a pool of brain chemicals that deposit ecstasy into the nucleus of our cells. As a result, our emotions swirl high in the sky and bring us a sense of simulated bliss.

This is all wonderful until we realize we cannot keep this state of happiness any longer. This is where we fall down from bliss to an abyss.

Like with any other drug, the reason for the “bliss-withdrawal” is that the body and the mind become accustomed to the chemical reaction and don’t respond with the same “high” as before.

Another contradictory symbol that represents falling in love is the cupid: a cute and innocent angel who holds a dangerous weapon in his tiny hands for the purpose of shooting people and injecting love into their hearts. To me, the cupids look more like undercover assassins. Can you imagine how painful it is to be shot by an arrow into your heart?

How come, once again, that falling in love connects with such a violent and painful act? The answer is, because subconsciously we know we are going to bleed. ;-)
And most of the time when it comes to love, we do!

We bleed because WE ARE AFRAID to lose our lovers and be alone.
We bleed because WE ARE ADDICTED to whatever our lovers supply to us.

After falling in love comes the phase of being in love. Being in love suggests that there is being out-of-love and that the two states are co-existing. This is why even in the peak of our love we cannot experience inner peace; we know that potentially we can always find ourselves out of love.

Spiritual love has a different flow to it. Instead of falling in love you ascend with love and instead of being in love the love is being-in-you.

There is no better time than now to approach love from a spiritual state of consciousness as opposed to a state based on animalistic instincts that have arisen from our evolutionary need to mate. This does not mean that making love or sex cannot be enjoyable expressions of spiritual love. It is one thing to base our spiritual love relationship on our animalistic instincts, and quite another to include it as a part of the dance, if this is your desire.

Spirituality means mindfulness, mindfulness means being aware of everything and anything. Loving another person from the essence of spirituality is a great ground for self growth. The way you relate to your lover becomes a true reflection of your state of consciousness.

So be it!


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