Yoga Teacher Training Retreat – a message from shakti

The most traditional and the best way of doing yoga teacher training is in a retreat setting. Living in an isolated space away from the madness of the city immensely enhances the experience of a disciplined yoga practice. Slowing down your pace and calming your mind away from the neurotic frequencies of city life allows you to explore your self in peace. Even if you have to return to the city after training you will have had 28 days to build a strong practice, discipline, and a lifestyle that will merge with your daily life even after the course is over. Experts say it takes 28 days to build a habit!

All of our teacher training retreats are located in beautiful natural settings. Being in nature creates a spontaneous release and cleansing followed by a great recharge and rejuvenation on the physical, mental and energy level. Because there is no need to commute back and forth, the days start with a powerful early morning personal practice (sadhana) that involves cleansing the body, yoga asanas and traditional yogic Pranayam practice (the art of breathing and mastering the energy in the body).

The powerful experience of teacher training in a retreat setting will remain with you for your whole life and will be a seed of inspiration that you can go back to energetically in times when you feel you are slipping away from your spiritual practice.

I encourage all of you that are about to make a decision about yoga training to put in the effort, energy and your powerful manifestation to experience yoga in the traditional yogic environment. This will be one of the greatest gifts you give yourself, and you deserve it.

Our upcoming teacher training retreats can be found here.


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