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i am very interested in yoga. In fact, I am representing yoga in a contest i am entering. In looking through your website, there was a lot of unique clothing in the pictures.. I was hoping that you would be able to provide any advice to me as to where i could buy clothing like that shown on your site. I don’t feel that lululemon and other clothing companies really show the cultural and historical components of yoga, which is what i am hoping to represent in this contest.

I greatly appreciate any help you could provide,
Thank you so much for your time,

Please see below shakti’s response in red

Dear S
The cultural and historical components of yoga cannot be represented in a contest, as a contest is the exact opposite of what yoga is all about. The moment you represent yoga in any connotation of contest, the yoga vanishes and all that is left is a poor interpretation of what westerners perceive as yoga. In these cases the spiritual yoga discipline gets replaced by sexy clothes, trendy yoga mats, and spaceship-like bottles of water.

The traditional attire of the yogis is their state of consciousness.

shakti mhi

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