Why (try to) become enlightened?

The following question was posed by a reader:

I notice many people seeking spirituality/enlightenment/god and wonder what the purpose of attaining or even putting effort towards attaining it would bring?

if the effort is to attain something that by nature is effortless and formless i wonder how so many people seem to engage the attainment,  knowing the outcome (of the effort) is literally opposite to what they express they are after.

My question is what is the purpose of spirituality, enlightenment or whatever can be considered the opposite of just doing whatever you are doing. Knowing that “doing” spirituality/enlightenment is not possible in Reality.

In short :’) why try to be spiritual or enlightened?

Shakti i was a student at Yoga Prana and Zen center in ’98. Not sure if you remember me. I think about those classes often. It makes me happy knowing that you (and Prana yoga) are out there being who you are.


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