Where in India can I practice yoga?

Where in India can I practice yoga?

I often get asked by yoga students where to go in India to learn and practice yoga; and again and again I disappoint my own students and teachers by saying I have no idea.

Other than a close relationship with Shiva, my Ayurvedic doctor in Vancouver towards whom I have great reverence as well as deep gratitude for always helping me when my body needs guidance, I have no more connection with India. Most of the yoga ashrams in India have to do with worships and religious practices. Through my three decades of yoga and Zen practice I realized that the highest form of spiritual practice – which has to do with a direct experience – must move away from any religious aspects that always deal with a set of beliefs.

There are many levels of learning and experiencing the art and science of yoga. The simplest one and most common is through religions, as this is the easiest for the masses to take in. The highest one is practicing it beyond all concepts and perceptions. In the former you clutter your mind with more and more beliefs; in the latter you strip your mind of all you think you know until you have the space to enter existence with the utmost knowing instead of believing or understanding.

So if you are wandering in India and find a yoga ashram which is free of any spiritual nonsense – which means no religions, no worship, no dogmas (you must be a vegetarian to reach realization), no fanaticism (only by the grace of a guru you can realize), no moral codes (you must always say the truth if you want to reach nirvana) – please let me know and I will pass on the information to all the yogis who truly believe that once they step on the mother land of yoga, bliss will descend from the clear sky of India and unveil their highest conscience which somehow cannot be materialized in any other of the world’s continents ;-)

The other option is to be aware that even though realization is already within you and you can manifest it HERE and NOW, you can still go to India and enjoy a good curry dish.

With love and joy

shakti mhi

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