Where have our wise elderly gone?

Today I took the boat from Totnes to Dartmouth, an hour long ride along the river, in the breathtaking countryside scenery of Devon, England. The boat was filled with senior people aged 60 to 80 years old from different continents and countries. I was the only person below 50 years old (but tightly close to it) and felt like a teenager. Watching so many older people almost put me in a state of shock, realizing the condition of our elderly. They were all (!) overweight and in a terrible physical condition, unfit and barely able to move without their walking aids or without wobbling. Some were sitting in wheelchairs only because they were so overweight they couldn’t carry themselves. They reminded me the people in the spaceship in the movie Wall E. But the worst of all was their level of consciousness. They were nice people with no wisdom in their eyes. When the boat stopped in beautiful but spirit-dull Dartmouth, they all rushed with their wobbly walks to consume the content of the town’s stores, restaurants and pubs. I felt so sad; here I was among old people, the elderly of the tribe! Here were the ones who should be the wisest of all and I felt neither reverence nor gratitude for being in their presence – a feeling that young people often experienced in many cultures, in the old times, when they were in the company of the old and the wise.

As I was walking around the postcard streets of this little, adorable looking town I realized the only things here were pubs, small beautiful old shops with dreadful fashion, and restaurants. If you were not interested in drinking, eating or shopping there was nothing to do in this town and many other towns in this country and in many other countries in this world.

This small old town had completely lost its spirit, culture and depth. Or maybe I should say the only culture it has is one of consumption and nothing else. The elderly wiseless tourists I was watching were, in the end, products of our poorly, shallow culture that most of our youngest are fed from and will probably end up in the same shallow state as their tribal elderly.

We are worried about the holes in the ozone but we should not be less worried about the “holes” in our collective consciousness through which we are rapidly losing our spiritual evolution as we get lost in our dull evolution of consumption.

You people are the alternative for the modern culture that brings the low consciousness most of the world is moving into. Maintain your high consciousness and physical awareness so that as you age, your youth is replaced by infinite wisdom.

Love shakti

Wise Woman
Wise Woman

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