When do I speak out? – Knowing in the moment

 The following is a question from a student regarding her responsibility to speak out to let another teacher know their teachings may not be safe. Below is shakti’s response in red.

Questions from student:

Hello there to all…

I am a pranayoga teacher and have just moved away from where I was teaching to go back to university. I went to a school funded yoga class last night where the teacher took his yoga class “from a book” (not critisizing… but well…), and I find myself in PAIN this morning. Now, I released myself over and over again into child pose because he took us from back bend to back bend… over and over… with no release. This young man is going to seriously injure someone. Do I say something out of responsibility to those who when in down dog were doing one-handed dog so that the other could massage their backs, or do I just sit back and let him learn the hard way?

Help! What would you do?


shakti’s response:

Now the moment is gone. But next time simply tune into your manipura (navel) chakra without letting the mind interfere and you will know exactly what action to take or not. On the spiritual path there is never one recipe to all moments as each moment is unique to all the different elements that formed it.

In one moment you may say nothing

In a different moment you may act

And at another time you may place your shoe on your head and make a soundless sound.

It is only in the moment that we know

Love shakti

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