Unconditional love?

There is no such thing as an unconditional love, unconditional love as opposed to what? Conditional love? If love is conditional then it is not love, it is business: it is manipulation, it is fear, it is ignorance.

Love by its very nature is unconditional. So saying unconditional love as is like saying wet water. When you experience love there are no conditions to base it on. The experience stands on its own, and depends neither on circumstances nor perceptions nor agendas.

All concepts have their opposites because this is the way the mind perceives reality. Love has no opposite as it happens outside of the mind. Hate is not the opposite of love. If love is the sun, our minds’ perceptions are the clouds. When the clouds block the sun, darkness in the form of hate may disguise reality. The sun never stops shining; it is just blocked by the clouds of our perception. So love cannot have an opposite, as it is never absent.

Love neither ends nor begins.
Love is not born and it does not die.
Namaste shakti

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