The Cards of Assumptions

Tarot CardsIn folk festivals you often do the predictable fun things, such as buy crazy-looking pants from India, eat fried whale tails and maybe pay $25 to the Tarot person who will reveal to you everything you need to know about yourself but somehow haven’t discovered on your own.

And that’s what I did at the Vancouver folk festival! After consuming the fried whale tail, yummy, I decided for once to see what the Tarot man in the orange tent had to say …. about my existence. I shuffled the cards, felt them energetically, divided them and chose the significant ones. The Tarot master looked at the cards, nodding his head lightly, then lifted his blue eyes and looked at me with a serious /concerned look on his face. I smiled, thinking to myself, “I can still hear my breath so it cannot be that bad.” ;-)

Then he started to release words such as painful past … challenging time … uncertain future … hesitation … fears … doubts … being overwhelmed … and other descriptive words that deal with our surviving state of existence. The sentences that were flowing out of his mouth were flying towards me like shooting stars but somehow couldn’t reach me. My mind was whispering to me “I have no clue what he’s talking about” and I whispered back “I don’t either.”

I couldn’t relate to anything he said, as he used words that I had fired from my vocabulary long ago, and as a result of that my whole reality shifted to be very different from what my parents tried to convince me life was all about…

We manifest reality with our perceptions and assumptions. His assumption that “living” is made of various forms of suffering is not how I perceive reality.

He pointed to a card saying “this card represents the challenges in your life.” For me the card represented the assumption that challenge was a mandatory element in everyone’s reality and if you removed that element, life or you yourself would vanish. ;-)

Challenges lose their meaning when the mind does not identify with the perceptions of good and bad or hard and easy. If we remove our expectations from “how thing should turn out” and stop evaluating our moments as an absolute good or bad, suddenly all moments become the same.

In our primal existence we are programmed to see reality from the point of surviving, so the moment something is not serving the purpose of our survival, it becomes “challenging”. Our perceptions shape our realities.

Then he pointed to a card that represents how the (painful) past affects our lives.

If you do not hold onto your past, as if it was a beam of light, how can it be painful?

If you fully immerse yourself in your present moment, how can your past keep haunting you?

The next one to surface was the card of doubt. If you do whatever needs to be done in each moment, if you follow your bliss and tune into your intuition, there’s no space left for doubt.

So maybe the question is not what comes first, the chicken or the egg, but what comes first, the perception or the reality?

I paid for his time (and for the material he provided me for my next article ;-) and left, wondering if his cards were projecting the common human reality that manifests itself in our fear of the unknown (future) and the identification with our traumas (past) as who we are.

Just like no matter how much water you pour into a funnel, at any given moment it will convey only what it can pass through its volume, one cannot experience reality beyond his/her perception’s capacity.

On the small scale, Tarot cards are the mirrors of our perceptions that consist of past, present, future, fear of death, and challenges, and they are often interpreted in the same manner we are perceiving life. This is why the reality of most people is so predictable.

One cannot grasp reality beyond his/her vocabulary of perceptions and assumptions. If we wish to change our reality, we should do it by expanding our perceptions beyond surviving in the physical world, and disable some of our definitions that are limiting our reality.

On the larger scale, the universe around us is the reflection of our perceptions and beliefs. When some people expand their perception beyond the common state of consciousness and form “uncommon” realities that do not fit in our ordinary set of beliefs, we are in awe.

Enjoy this beautiful video (link below) that represents expansion in our relationship with the universe around us that is often based on fear and separation from everything around us. If watching this video makes your heart expand, it is because it may connect you with your essence which is one with all.


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  1. Daniela

    Your words are filled with truth and love and light the whole space. Thank you for the insight and for sharing it. Lots of love


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