The act of Raping from the point of view of Yoga

By Shakti Mhi

In the yoga system we have seven chakras, seven energy centers. The first 3 chakras are located at the base of the spine, in the sex organs and in the navel. These chakras have to do with our survival state of consciousness. The first, second and third chakras are predominantly our animalistic instincts and drives.

The upper chakras start from the heart area, all the way to the crown, and govern our spiritual evolution, beyond the physical body and the programmed mind.

To experience ourselves as higher beings, beyond and above our animalistic natures, the higher chakras must be open and balanced, so prana can flow through the energy centers with ease.

A rapist is a human being who has a tremendous amount of prana (energy) in his second chakra while the upper chakras are completely blocked. This position of the chakras creates a stagnant energy with the force of a “pressure pot” in the second chakra which amplifies the animalistic state of consciousness in that person. As a result, the rapist acts as an animal, driven only by the force of survival. The main part of it is ejaculation with no awareness; he is fully controlled by his sexual drive.

Justice for RehtaehHave you ever seen a monkey or a dog or a lion coming gently to a female of their kind and asking for permission for sexual intercourse? It does not happen in the animal kingdom because sexual drive is the strongest force among animals.

The same is true for rapists. Like animals, they simply take by the act of forcing.

As the rapist’s higher chakras are blocked, the energy does not reach Anahata, the heart chakra, so a rapist does not have any compassion towards his victim.
Because his energy does not reach the fifth chakra, Vishuddha, a rapist does not have the ability to “hear” his victim, all he hears is his own animalistic pulse.

Because a rapist’s energy does not reach the sixth chakra, Ajna, he has no perception of oneness beyond the forms and as a result he trapped in his identification with his animalistic male form and cannot “see” that the victim is his sister, his daughter, his mother, and as well himself.

From the beginning of our humans’ spiritual evolution it was obvious for the yogis and many other spiritual disciplines that the fuel for high consciousness is a high frequency prana. Within all spiritual disciplines if you have the ability to tap into the prana experience you can change realities. This fact is unknown to most of the western people.

Recognizing prana, experiencing it and mastering it is not a subject that is taught in any western public schools. Our priorities when it comes to the school systems are to stuff our children with a lot of useless information rather than teach them about energy and the mastering of that energy as a tool for spiritual evolution.

As a result, we arrive at a very worrisome formula where in extreme cases a low consciousness combined with powerful stagnant lower energy and a strong identification with the physical form, ends up with the tragedy of women getting raped and abused all over the world.

This article is dedicated to 17 year old Rehtaeh Parsons from Nova Scotia, Canada. “She was raped! The rape was photographed and the photos were shared around her Nova Scotia community. She was called a slut. She was bullied. She faced depression, and now she’s gone!”

Until (and if) humanity raises its consciousness to its highest we need to force protection on women by stopping the rapists. As in most rape cases such as Rehtaeh’s rape, police investigate for a year, but say there is not enough evidence to lay charges.

Please sign the petition below so together we create a voice for this criminal neglect.

Shakti Mhi


Justice for Rehtaeh: Demand an independent inquiry into the police investigation.

Justice for Rehtaeh

4 Responses to “The act of Raping from the point of view of Yoga”

  1. Patti Adye

    For years I was molested as a little girl by a cousin and my father who was an alcoholic attempted with a friend when I was 16 years old. I was by that time a combination of really meek with low self esteem and really fierce with a ton of aggressive energy which I used in the moment of the attempt to protect myself. In my case, my rage scared my father and his friend so much that they meekly left my room.

    Through my healing in my adult life I have learned how unconscious and unfeeling our society is with regards to this topic. I was shocked to learn through my healing and through my consultations with police that most of society is asleep when it comes to this topic and was warned of what may be ahead of me if I brought the issue forward. What I was told is that most victims finds themselves on the receiving end of further rejection, humiliation, blaming and shaming by the people around them who are supposed to love and protect them. Unfortunately, this was my experience.

    What am amazing and incredibly beautiful woman and role model Rehtaeh Parsons was and given my experience within the justice systems I am requesting that and independent inquiry be initiated in honor of Rehtaeh’s life and the lives of all women who are victims of violence.


    Patti Adye, M.A., R.Y.T.

  2. Allison W

    I was in this situation in college- I was a very happy, healthy, vibrant, trail-blazing teenager when it happened and it took me a long time to fully inhabit my body again and to let go of the past. However, lucky for me I was always a seeker with a very strong will and was already on a yogic path and I feel it really saved me…and took me on a completely different path in life from performing to being a healer. This planet is not so enlightened, but we are waking up and I hope that we begin to nurture and honour people and learn to channel our energies in ways that support everyone because we know we are one. I also think that we need to ban psychic garbage that is presented to us through the media in forms of objectification and the like. This has been happening since the beginning of time here and its time we begin to act and vibrate from the authentic place of who we are. x Thank you Shakti for your posts and your contribution

  3. Jayne Scott

    I have been a victim of rape once when I was young by six men, and then by my abusive (ex) husband.

    I would carry around the shame and the guilt for so long that my chakras were really off balance. Consuming the anger and the hate consumed me to a point that I didn’t know if I could go on any longer. I came close to dying twice by depression by trying to end my life. And then one day I said ‘Wait this is crazy, I am going to die because of this horrible act? I am not going to let that happen!

    Shakti taught me one day that those that have been abused or raped are like the beautiful lotus flower that emerges form the mud and all the yucky stuff. This is TRUE! It is them not us, and we must not allow them to rent free space in our heads!

    So I say lets STAND up to these people and feel bad that they have to resort to this violent behavior. For they are the sad ones.

  4. shakti mhi

    I found, reading the stories and sharing of Patti, Allison and Jayne very inspiring and empowering. I am bowing to the three of you with admiration to your clarity, your inner power and true spirituality. Only you know how hard was to get out of the darkness that was imposed on you when you were so young and fragile. Not only you maid it but you came out of it with strong and radiating wisdom. Your physical body was invasive in away that should never happen but you as an essence, you as a higher self were never touched!

    All my love to you


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