Split Personalities

<do you sometimes experience what it feels like to have a split personality?

Many people, to different degrees, often experience a variety of personalities that may appear as opposites to each other. Those who are brave will express more than one of their personalities. They are brave because they act against the preference of the masses that dictate you should fulfill only one role. When a person is viewed as having only one defined persona, it makes it easy for the conservative mind to categorize what it sees.

"She is very shy."
"He is very powerful."
"She is very motherly."
"He is a successful man."

How would you (react) if the "shy girl" in your office would suddenly reply to you in an uncharacteristically bold manner?

Or how would you react if your mothering aunt, who constantly bakes and cooks for everyone and is always there to listen and give a hug, would unexpectedly announce that she is tired of serving and being the loving caring aunty so she is taking off to a foreign land to elope with a man she met on an internet dating site?

How would your family feel about you if you suddenly become apathetic when you are known as a driven and successful person?

Most omit people follow the unspoken requirement of staying within their defined character.

Imagine what happens when people stray from their predictable personas and allow an entirely different side to surface. For example:

She is very shy but last night she hit on someone aggressively.
She is very spiritual person, so I couldn't believe it when I saw her drinking at the bar.
He never shows emotions but last night he cried at the movie.

These unexpected behaviors, that are not part of the definition of the person, will be questioned with a very definite tone:

"Are you ok?"
"Did you lose your mind?"
"What's up with you?"
"I don't recognize you!"
"I do not know who you are anymore!"

Some people whose role is to be non-confrontational, when faced with an unexpected behavior from others simply squirm in their chairs uncomfortably, avert their gaze, roll their eyes or develop a sudden cough.

Those brave people who choose not to lock themselves in only one of their personalities, will be filed under "odd", "weird", "crazy" or if dealing with more charitable descriptions: "interesting" "a character" and "eccentric"

Which group do you belong to? The filer, the filed or both?

The reason why people choose not to express their "other" personalities is because they believe they can lose the approval, recognition, acknowledgment and love of the ones they feed off of. This is where one gives up their freedom.

We fulfill others' expectations of who and what they want us to be.

These people can be our:

Lovers and partners
Parents and family
and god.

The fact that we have been taught that a split personality or multiple personalities are not desirable, creates lots of feelings of unease in people who experience themselves in more than one way. As long as you are the one that masters your personas instead of your personas mastering you, there is no problem to be more then one defined persona. Mastering your personalities is achieved by not identifying with any of them as who you are as an essence. You are the maestro and your various personalities are the different instruments that express your different tones, notes, colors and shades.

So be it.

PS: Interestingly enough: it is known that in English you use the word "is" for singularity and "are" for plural. When I was writing the above article, the phone rang. When I answered, my friend on the other side asked, "How are you?" Why do we use "are" if it is only one person? Is it because subconsciously we know that there is more than one personality in each of us?

By shakti mhi

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