Spiritual Q and A – The Use of Yoga, Breath Techniques and Cleansing to Assist Hyperthyroidism

Hello shakti,

Could you please help me by telling me, how can I balance my third eye Chakra (AJNA)?
I went to the doctor and she told me that my thyroids are unbalanced and that they work too fast. Then she explained me about the connection between the location of the ajna to the location of my thyroids.
To make story short, on the physical side I feel health, but on the other, I thought you can help me.
Thank you.

Below is writing by shakti, on her feelings about “Hot Yoga”:

shakti’s response is below in red.

My Dearest Ilan,
The Thyroid gland has nothing to do with Ajna, the sixth chakra, it belongs to the fifth chakra in the throat Vishuddha. This is the center of communication. You will need to find out why are you stressed or blocked in this center. One of the explanations may be your difficulty to express yourself with ease in a foreign language, while in your nature you are a very expressive person and doing it with ease and passion in your native mother tongue. The situation of being unable to communicate as you wish to do, probably adds lots of stress and frustration to your daily life and as a result is blocking your fifth chakra.

You definitely need to take care of it and if possible not with drugs that will make you dependant on them and probably will develop a chain of other symptoms.

Your symptoms indicating that your body is over loaded with toxins as well as under great stress.


  • Make sure you study your condition Hyperthyroidism, until you know about it better then your doctor.
  • Practice every day shoulder stand and after do the fish to balance the Thyroid gland.
  • Practice yoga on a daily basis even if it is only for half an hour as you need to relax the hyper body.
  • Check out if you are missing iodine, a necessary substance for the Thyroid gland that the body doesn’t create on its own. Sometimes too much Iodine in the body will unbalance the Thyroid gland as well.
  • It is important to release all the toxins from your body by doing
  1. Bowel cleanse with parasite cleanse (colonic)
  2. Dental cleanup
  3. Liver cleanse.
  • Approach Chinese doctor as Chinese medicine and acupuncture are great to balance and heal the Thyroid gland conditions.
  • Try to practice Analuma Viloma (an alternate nostril breathing technique for 10 minutes) before going to bed to calm your nervous system and enhance your sleep.

The Hyperthyroidism condition usually appears in people that going too fast and doing too much.

See these symptoms as a request from your body to slow down internally and externally.

Take care of yourself, knowing that many people managed to fully recover from Hyperthyroidism.

But you must take an action.

With Love,

All makes sense and action is being taking immediately.
With lots of gratitude.

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