Spiritual Q and A – Interpreting Ch’an Buddhist Doctrine

I recently read something about Ch’an Buddhist Doctrine, and I found a statement that says: “If you will somehow meet Buddha in your spiritual journey, then kill him!”. How would you interpret it?
- Sebastian

shakti’s response is below in red.

Dear Sebastian,

This is one of the greatest sayings of Zen Buddhism. If you would like to experience reality beyond mind and find out who you are beyond description, you must drop all concepts. Concepts reflect glimpses of reality only, the same as pieces of broken glass reflects bits of the sky.

Neither the concepts nor the pieces of glass can capture the whole picture. Everything held in the mind is a concept as well as the mind itself, as well as realization and everything else that Buddha symbolizes. If you meet the Buddha and bow to him you are still separate from the Buddha. By killing the form of Buddha you kill the duality which you perceive as a separation of there being a “you” and a “Buddha”.

Buddha is the symbol for the highest state of consciousness only when you yourself dwell in ignorance. Once you experience reality beyond all concepts of good and bad, high and low, holy and unholy, there is neither Buddha nor consciousness.

There is only experience

What is, is what is.

Love shakti

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