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Dear Shakti,

I would like to know what are your thoughts on homosexuality?
Is it a natural condition of the human race or is an unbalance of the body/mind?

Bst Rgds.D

Please see below shakti’s response in red

Hello D

From the point of view of evolution homosexuality can be considered as an “abnormal” as from that aspect only, the main role of all living is to reproduce and continue the race.

So anyone who is not serving the evolutionary purpose can be considered as “abnormal”.

You can add to this list people like me that consciously made a decision not to have children (I guess “my” group is “worse” as potentially we have the ability to fulfill our evolutionary role but consciously decide not too.)

Others on the “abnormal” list will be

People who are physically unable to produce babies (this is why it is so hard for most of the people in this category to accept their situation as subconsciously they feel “useless”)

And of course the gays and lesbians.

All religions’ demand to keep the order of nature as the human race must continue. This is the reason why the church condemns gays, lesbians and women like me as they are not fulfilling our “god-given” roles.

The paradox is, if god is all mighty, the power that creates everything, include people who are gay, to condemn gays (god’s creation) is to condemn God.

From the point of view of true spirituality all possibilities are in existence. If something is in existence it is perfect as it is.

The essence of spirituality is to rise above our evolutionary drive and make conscious choices with the understanding that we are much more than our bodies.

Interestingly enough many of the true spiritual seekers always had a tendency to go against the stream by becoming monks/nuns. The reason is that raising, taking care of, training and educating children takes most of the energy and occupies most of the adults’ life’s span. Spiritual seekers choose to channel this time and energy and invest in their practices towards realization. Even in the Roman Catholic church, one of the most fundamental Christian organization, the priests choose not to raise families with the intent to focus fully on their spiritual development (unfortunately with not much success on the latter) but in the same breath they insist that every one else should be busy with reproduction. The reason why gays are a problem for the church is because it doesn’t know where to fit them. After all you can’t not have children and still have fun; it just doesn’t make sense and should be forbidden ;-) .

“Balance” is a very relative concept that evaluates from a certain point of view and often the majorities’ point of view.

Salvador Dali wasn’t a balanced man, he was considered borderline if not completely crazy because he didn’t fit in the mass definition. Put him together with other crazy artists and suddenly he appears as a normal person.

If a man feels attraction to another man without imposing himself ( no different then in a “straight” situation) how can it be wrong? Who can argue with such an attraction and feelings? How can mutual love, between two people, be abnormal? Who is to dictate what two consenting adults can and can’t do with each other?

The beauty of existence lies in the unpredictable not less then in the predicable and in the extraordinary not less then in the ordinary.

So be it.


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