Hello Shakti!.. i’m pleased that you recovered in such a good way!.

I’ve been doing sadhana since i finished the TT, and everyday i enjoy more the benefits of the pranayama practise. I’ve experienced many things when doing pranayama, sometimes when i hold the breath i feel like i’m going to faint but at the same time i like the feeling!, and right after that is like a deep silence comes, which i enjoyed even more!.. is that feeling ‘normal’?..

Please see below shakti’s response in red

Dear Fernando

If you like the way it feels and you enjoy the deep silence, it can only be good for you, as long as you do not faint. Fainting in Pranayama is an indication of crossing your limit, doing so, can happen only when you practice with a force. If we force the practice it means we let the mind take over the practice as only the mind forces. Pranayama must be done effortlessly otherwise instead of creating and expanding the energy, you consume it.


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