Meet Shakti Mhi and Joseph Pepe Danza

Prana Yoga Teacher College is lovingly run by Shakti Mhi and Pepe Danza. Together with their highly skilled staff and teachers, Prana College has trained hundreds of yoga leaders around the globe. The teaching is transformational, experiential and deeply profound. The trainings are far more than just learning about the postures — which is why it is open to people with a variety of yoga experiences.

The college is especially relevant if you are looking to :

  • learn how to teach with confidence and precision
  • take your practice to the next level and go beyond the physical
  • fully integrate asana (poses) with meditation
  • immerse yourself in a retreat of like-minded people
  • cleanse your body, discipline your mind, and awaken your spirit.

About Shakti Mhi and Pepe Danza
Shakti and Pepe deliver their teaching with a very harmonized Shiva/Shakti energy. Their male/female flow brings balance and diversity to their students’ experience. Shakti and Pepe are blissfully married to each other and together they are also married to their Path and to Teaching. To this end they run and manage Prana Yoga College and have manifested a beautiful sanctuary in Vancouver called “The Center for Blissful Living,” a home for the College students and teachers.
They are as passionate towards each other as they are passionate about sharing the joy and creativity experienced through their spiritual practice. They see all their students as an extended family where its members support and get support from each other. Their approach is that life should be celebrated and not “celibated.”

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