Less is More

Many people realize in one moment of their life that they live with lots of physical discomfort as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle.They may make a decision to clean their body.
They start the search for the magical solution: pills, liquids, cleansing kits, anything they can simply take in and instantly make their insides sparkle.Unfortunately cleansing is not
about taking stuff in; it is about taking stuff out. If your house is dirty it won’t help to buy new furniture to make it sparkle.

You first have to take the garbage out, remove the cobwebs, dust, and wash the floors. Only then you may choose to add new things into the house, if at all.
We apply the same attitude to the spiritual path. A day comes when many of us realize that we are actually moving from one suffering to the next and that
existence itself can feel quite heavy.

The spiritual path begins. We try to bring changes to our life by looking for the magical pill which will release us from the suffering. We go to workshops,
attend seminars, read spiritual books. We look for gurus, we start wearing crystals on our neck and reciting mantras etc. We have the illusion that the more
we take in, the faster and deeper the transformation will be.

But Realization is not about taking more information in. It is about letting go of everything we think we know and unfolding the real knowing within us,
the higher self. Our inner ‘knower’ is buried under a pile of images and concepts that we identify with as being who we are.Imagine not having a name,
a house, a partner, none of your possessions, your history, your body, your thoughts. Who, or rather, what, are you when you remove yourself from all this?

Not until we let go of everything which we think makes us who we are, can we free our higher self from under the clutter.Our small self (mind and ego)
will forever manifest itself through suffering and pain.Our higher self will forever manifest itself through bliss and stillness.
Are you ready to let go of who you think you are?

Prana Yoga College


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