It is a time for a change

It is a time for a change.

In times like now, when the world’s economy is shaky, the so-called future is hidden behind clouds of uncertainty. We are walking as if in a fog, not seeing what lies ahead of us. As a result, the mind forms patches of fear in the individual’s aura* and this stops the creative energy from flowing freely. Through the principle of harmonic resonance vibrations, one person’s auric field affects another person’s auric field and before long we are all connected by an extensive web of panic and fears.

From the point of view of spirituality, times like these force us to wake up and realize that we are floating in an illusionary reality (Maya). The belief that safety and security can only come from desirable circumstances like wealth and possessions is the illusion, or maya, of existence which only deals with life on the level of survival. The spiritual experience is that the Absolute Self’s sense of security arises from not identifying itself with the ever-changing events of the different realities around us.

As a result of being paralyzed by the constant fear of survival, most people are willing to waste their entire lives doing work that not only do they not care about, but they often hate. Pursuing one’s passions or interests as a way of making a living is perceived by most people as a dream world.

Most people in our society live for the weekends, Christmas, and their 2 weeks of yearly vacation. If you calculate the rest of the days left in a year, all those days when people hate getting up in the morning and starting their day, you end up with 19 years out of 30 years of work. That’s 19 years of misery during which people experience various degrees of hell on a daily basis.

This is something one should contemplate if truly on the path of spirituality.

And lastly:

More and more you hear people talking about working hard now so they can retire young and start their “real life.” Living for your retirement moves you from the present moment to a future that exists only in your mind.

This idea of “living for your retirement” is connected with two states of being:

You do not follow your bliss, because if you did, you would never wish to stop doing what you love doing. Following your passion or your heart is bliss. It keeps you alert, alive, creative and joyful even in old age.

The other state is when people do work in the service of others as doctors, therapists and teachers but they do it from the point of view of their pockets instead from their hearts. Often I hear doctors wishing to get rich quick so they can retire young. When you are a doctor or a teacher you become your best after years of experience. How much of a waste is it if a doctor or a teacher retires once they get settled economically when this is the point where they have gained so much experience that they can help so many more people? Where is the service? In the old times (when doctors used to actually touch their patients and not just prescribe medicine over a desk), you could see many old doctors who had a lot of respect from the community for their long years of knowledge and experience.

My point is, follow your bliss and you will never want to “retire.” Unlike most people who are living for their future if you follow your bliss now you will be fully content in each moment.

With this thought in heart and taking into consideration the present economic situation, Prana College is establishing a special interest-free payment plan for the upcoming January yoga teacher training program in Vancouver, to make it possible and easier for those who would like to pursue their passion for yoga and make it their way of living. So be it.



*Aura: the energy field around the physical body

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