Is it medical procedure or is it butchering?

Is it medical procedure or is it butchering?I was utterly devastated when I heard Angelina Jolie removed her HEALTHY breast so she won’t have a cancer in the future.

I am not easily taken by horrifying news but I must say this story took my sleep away for the night. Two aspects contributed to my devastation; one was Angelina Jolie herself, as it would be with any other woman that would go through such a non-sense horrifying procedure. I feel as if they were my own daughters.

Angelina, a beautiful, powerful, and HEALTHY woman, that is an example for so many women with her unique and authentic life, allowed doctors to cut off her HEALTHY breasts!!!… And this based on ignorant medical misinformation that promotes fear for financial gain.

THEY call it prevention procedure. In prevention you don’t cut the brunches of a tree so they wont get sick, instead you take care of the whole tree so the branches remain well.

Angelina did not have cancer!!!, but her doctors said she had 87 percent risk of cancer because of a genetics. If you dive into the gene story you learn that unlike what scientists believed in the past, now it is clear that it is not enough to have a risky gene; you need to TURN IT ON.

How can you talk blindly about percentages! People are unique and so individual in the way they live life. You can talk percentage about robots. You can say “this generation of robots came out with a fault and may have a high risk of malfunction”… but people???

Even if Angelina’s mother had cancer, did she live and perceive life the way Angelina does? We are talking about a beautiful free woman who lives her life with contentment and awareness and as a result became a living example for so many women… why would she manifest cancer? Unlike holistic medicine, our medical system deals with cases instead of people, and treats everyone the same. They seem to have never heard about consciousness, mind and awareness… and these are such a big part of who we are.

If someone’s father had cancer in his leg would you cut off the son’s healthy leg? Just in case? Our medical system is based on money, it is not about healing people; it is about financial gains that happen through and on the account of people’s bodies.

My heart is crying for a healthy beautiful young woman that got trapped in the fear the system planted in her, while taking away her power. In holistic approach you empower the woman so she is part of the healing process. She is in charge so she can dive into the cause of the problem and not the mere symptoms.

My other devastation is about the message Angelina gives to so many young women. In a way without her intending it, she is telling women not to bother taking care of their health and well being, but instead eliminate body parts at risk… after all it is only breasts.

If the truth is so simple: once you have cancer in the family you are going to get it and you have no power to do anything to prevent it but chop your breast off… in this case why wait until these women are in their thirties and not cut off the breast of any 14 year old teenager because her mom or her aunt or her grandma had cancer? In this way they won’t even get used to live in a complete body. After all it is only breasts… and on top of everything they will be considered brave young women!

Why is Angelina considered brave, as mentioned in so many FB comments and other articles? Take any person, put a gun to their head and threaten them with death and you will see what they would be willing to do to reverse the situation. This is not braveness. Yes it is very understandable. No judging.

Braveness is to show the finger to the medical system and say I am a healthy woman, and I am going to keep it like that. Why fix something that is not broken? Yes I will be aware of the potential risk I may have but I am not going to manifest it.

We are heading into a future where the terms “health” and “well being” will be replaced with “the latest procedures’” and “don’t take the risk, remove your organ with ease” advertisements.

More than ever Holistic healers and therapists should reach out and educate people, who could be our daughters, sisters and friends, that there are powerful ancient methods to maintain a healthy body without violence. The first approach of any holistic healing is not to scare the patient and take away all hope from her, but empower the woman and her body, so together they strive for better health.

Angelina is one of the greatest feminists… I take my hat off for her. My concern is: if such a brilliant woman with vast awareness falls prey to the doctor’s manipulations based on fear and is brought to a place where she fixes something that wasn’t broken… by breaking it… what does this mean for the ones that know less?

Because of her powerful status in the community (and she’s deserved every inch of it), without being aware, in a way Angelina turns out to be a great promoter of the medical marketing machine by promoting surgical procedures for healthy bodies… with the slogan, you never know, just in case…

Shakti Mhi
Prana Yoga College

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