Illegal love

Illegal love In many states and countries and in most religious systems, Gay* marriages are still not legal. In a way, this fact makes gay and lesbian love illegal, which makes gay and lesbian feelings illegal. From this perception a gay’s heart turns out to be a criminal organ, since it contains the wrong feelings to the wrong person. Gay shining love eyes are not acceptable by most people because they are looking at the “wrong” gender. In the name of “GOD” the churches took ownership of the definitions of “love” and “relationship” and left outside whoever does not fit in their poor, limited, small box. In the name of God the Church took ownership of what is right and what is wrong. It took all the rights from people with genuine love for others of the same gender, and declared everything relating to this love as WRONG.

It is an astonishing realization that still to this day, when human consciousness expands beyond matter, when quantum physics demonstrates again and again that everything is energy, everything vibrates, that we all started from the same sparkle of light; that Gay love is still a subject for an article as this one. It is pretty devastating that still to this moment, when human awareness expands far beyond Darwin’s evolution theory, we are still stuck on the idea that we are here just for continuing our species… and that gay and lesbian love is still an ISSUE!

If people that are attracted to the opposite sex are called “straight”, what does it make  gays… “crooked”? The controlling society distorted the term “love” so it can be used and abused by the system.

Weddings and marriage ceremonies are ancient rituals that stage a special moment of unity. Anyone that stops or cuts through unity, creates more separation and destruction. For these limited minds that cannot see beyond their poor programming, we should have compassion and love so we do not create more separation.

And yet!

I would like to call all gays and lesbians to celebrate their love in ceremonies and rituals, even in places that don’t permit it within the system yet.

Love cannot be dominated by any authority’s command!

I would like to call all spiritual priests and priestesses and male and female ministers to conduct and support gay and lesbian unions and marriage ceremonies.

I would like to call all spiritual parents to educate their children that love, when it comes from respect and without harm, has no shape, definition or gender.

Celebrate your love!

Shakti Mhi
Prana Yoga College

* When the word gay appears not followed by the word lesbian, it refers to both sexes.

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  1. Mike Graney

    Well said Shakti.

  2. Darlene Johnson


  3. Rakesh

    Beautiful. Love knows no gender.


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