Spiritual Q and A – Ignorance is not bliss

Dear lady, one is right to say that it is difficult to find a living human in modern society today that lives in pureness. It is not evolution’s goal to live in purity; evolution is just mother to infinite possibilities.
But it is spirituality’s goal to become ethereal (spiritual) even to a point we presume there is no separation at all. In this state of mind we come to experience oneness and oneness alone by actually being nothing/everything.The ultimate state of ether.

I am not here to lecture nor preach. I am a simple man with a simple life.
Preaching has never been a successful way of making one aware.
I do on the other hand have the gift of remembrance and of understanding that spirit flows through all that is created.
I also believe yoga teaching comes from the spirit and can be learned in infinite ways. A tree could become your teacher, an animal and even the raw elements of life could show you how we unite with the spirit.

The root chakra of man was created in this realm of existence by the separation of the ether in 4 levels. We call these the 4 elements and ether the 5th. (There are other creation patterns but I will use this one, feel free to comment me on this). Our whole human existence is based on separation from this source which never is or was an evil or bad thing.
Good and bad were values set at the root (gateway in the medulla oblongata) of the tree which created the left and right hemispheres of upper modern man’s brain (the tree of knowledge). These values became only malevolent by those who didn’t cultivate their heart chakra enough to understand oneness, but who sought to become Gods from knowledge alone. (Science without love).

These 5 elements distinguish themselves as basic geometric expressions in a globe genesis and can be registered with our senses. Through separation of the one into different vibrations they create the experience we call our reality. At the beginning there are no separations at all, but in this manifestation (genesis) separation becomes real. It creates the (square) root of our reality.
This was long before money was introduced.

The 5 elements can be channeled directly from the natural source by the skilled yoga master.
In the 3rd degree of spiritual evolution the neophyte becomes the philosopher begins to learn that everything is one, where in the 2nd degree he or she or it learned to use the power of division or to multiply itself through dividing (the creation of separation and the sexes (polarities). After this the philosopher comes to a point of understanding that none is simply good or bad, but everything is, which is true in that state of mind.
After a period of transformation, which could takes several human lifetimes, the 3rd degree aspirant takes up the full path of ahimsa and experiences that even if there is separation everything is one at the same time. The experience of “Oneness in many” and the understanding that we are one with the source.

The pupil becomes a scholar of the heart and lives in pure bliss.
After mastering this stage, the Christ is born and ascends to a more ethereal plane. The 5th degree.

But many of the Ascended masters return to a stage where all lower forms are also manifest.
In that way the Ascended master returns to a ‘fallen’ state without really being fallen but learns to descend into the dense realms with the full or partial experience of the ethereal realms (the return of the Christ/Bodhisatva/Mannuah).
He, she or it understands the higher meaning of the spirit but has taken a life in which not everything is spiritual, and understands that it is part of the nature of our reality.

By now one becomes a master of the 6th degree and learns to use the mind in ways to empower matter with the spirit. Here is where the Elohims come in, the co-creators of our reality.
Some of these Elohims chose to live in service of life and love itself (like our spiritual teachers and Mahatmas) where other chose to become supreme rulers and claimed themselves to be the one and only God(s) (false prophet$).

In the time of “the garden” which predated all the times you’ve stated before, there was no barter, no cattle, no cowrie shells, no metal money and coins, no modern coinage, no leather money, no slitting of noses (!) of those who were remiss in paying tax, no paper currency, no potlatch, no wampum, no gold standards and no electronic money. But there was abundance, happiness, no diseases that were permanent, no jealousy, no crime, no spiritual merchandise or barter.
We simply had no need of money because we lived in harmony with spirit and matter, and we were natural yogis for we lived in union. I know modern man has found evidence of this time and some have classified it into mythology and called it the golden age, the time of the Gods.

If someone can’t earn money or feel like it is in conflict with spirituality it might come from the fact they still do have remembrance of this ‘golden age’.
Since the beginning of the iron-age (kali-yuga) the reign of fear has taken over the root chakras of many inhabitants of the earth, therefore many have not been able to channel the elements that came directly from their natural source, instead they had to do this through sub-systems that sometimes weren’t meant benevolent or spiritual at all. It is difficult for modern man to oversee such matters for he has no real evidence about history that long ago.

I do agree everything can be seen as energy! But I do not agree that all manifestations are just simply energy, for they have value, form and expression in our world and were set with certain intention.

Example: if I was to say that an atomic bomb is just simply energy and I could use it for good, means it could be true but it has not been made with spiritual intentions.
I believe money could be used in a good way but it hasn’t been introduced with spiritual intent. Nor was the capture of animals that became cattle, nor was the raising of taxes. (and especially not the slitting of noses to force humans to pay such).

I do not pretend to be fully spiritual manifested (I couldn’t for I wouldn’t be able to live in human form), I know that my nature as a man has destructive sides, but I do not state that money is simply energy, for it is not, simply energy is simply energy and has no value or form .I call that pure prana, not the way we use it, but in its most simple form or no form at all. (Pure prana would not hurt anyone for it has no value yet!)

I am not constantly free of anger and hate, for the same facts stated above, nor do you.
We are human, we get angry whether we like it or not. But by learning yoga of the heart we overcome our anger and learn to master negative thoughts and transmute them into positive energy.
(Like you are helping me to do so now )

I do not like the causes of systems that introduced money. Even though we all are part of one big flow, we as conscious living beings have certain choices, and we have the right to judge within our momentary point of view and accept the karma that these actions cause.

Like I said manifestations of money were not made with spiritual intent. When someone gives us something with love we don’t have to barter. We can share, give, donate or even deny without expectations, the more freedom a system gives us the more the spirit will flow. Whether we see that as good or bad is a just an opinion.

This discussion was meant as a tool for self-reflection and not meant to preach or to lecture about spirituality. I gladly share my thoughts, even if they are derived from collective thoughts, and I am always open to learn from doing so.
I would encourage you to find some time to take up a small survival pack and try to live for a while (a month, two or maybe three) without the use of money. It will help on the deeper spiritual path of yoga and learn your chakras how to channel into the elements of natural sources, independent of a system which uses money and which never been the basis for our existence.
In other words if one is to manifest spirituality one has to connect its roots to a system that is free in its nature.

Love and blessings!
May the spirit guide you!


Please see below shakti’s response in red

Hello again,

I am not going to relate to all the points you mention as there is no point.

Not because they have no value but it is all mind and more mind.

Being right is an indication of seeing reality from our limited point of view only. When you become the ultimate observer you KNOW everything is perfect as it is. You change what you can and you accept what you can not change.

Nothing is an absolute as a concept.

Your explanation on the different degrees of evolution is a high-rise of assumptions that is often developed by philosophers. Philosophy has nothing to do with reality as it is.

If you want to experience high spirituality you can not keep developing more structures, adding more concepts, or keep following systems. Everything should be dropped (as well the chakras concept) to make space for the experience.

You talk about:

the separation of the ether in 4 levels”

“the 4 elements”

“In the 3rd degree of spiritual evolution”

“where in the 2nd degree”

Everything that is divided into more than one is getting farther and farther from the absolute truth.

you say:

“…those who didn’t cultivate their heart chakra enough to understand oneness…”

How can anyone understand oneness by cultivating the heart chakra when it is the fourth chakra in a system of seven? How can the whole fit into a part? Once you experience oneness you do not create divisive systems anymore.

This is how all illusions start. The mind does not have the capacity to absorb the absolute reality so it starts to divide reality into endless concepts to store in the mind’s endless chambers.

You said: In the time of “the garden”

Since the beginning of the iron-age (kali-yuga)

Shakti: Why are you dwelling in the past, time that does not exist? What does the past have to do with this moment?

You said “I do not pretend to be fully spiritual manifested (I couldn’t for I wouldn’t be able to live in human form),

Shakti: To say you can not realize in a human form is a dangerous assumption that may turn to be a manifestation.

You said: “I would encourage you to find some time to take up a small survival pack and try to live for a while….

Shakti: I do appreciate your suggestion but the space I am in, in this moment is not about collecting experiences but being in service.

This is why one way of living that is suitable for one may not suit the other. I still rather to walk this coming Friday to the store, with money in my wallet and get 100 buns, cheese etc. so we can feed the increasing number of hungry people on the streets.



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