Good for the Good, Bad for the Bad

The following is an email that I received from one of my sincere students that represents the common conceptual struggle people shared with me about my fall.

Dear shakti;

I would like to talk about what i will call here your “accident”.

I must admit that i was deeply shocked to hear about the “accident”. I must have been thinking that only “good” could happen to you! out of all people.

so, in the recent situation of your “accident”, I asked myself immediately, Okay but why!!!?? and why am I so shocked and in disbelief!


Dear J,

Many people, spiritual or not, believe, feel, and hope that good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people. As spiritual seekers we should check the roots of these beliefs and where we are coming from in our life assumptions.

So let’s start: The first question to ask is, “Who is the one, outside of us, that implements this principle of good for the good and bad for the bad?” This ‘thing’ must have a mind, as ‘it’ thinks and evaluates the same as we do.

Is there a mighty power (In the sky? In the clouds? Under the ground? Or maybe in the mind?) that files all actions, intents, and thoughts into good and bad:

Stealing – Bad

Giving – Good

Drugs – Bad

Sex – Good? Bad? (Still in discussion ;-)

And then what? I guess the he-she-it entity sits down and files the whole of humanity into groups of good or bad people. For example:

He is greedy – he is bad.

She is negative – she is bad.

He is compassionate – he is good.

She is good hearted – she is good

And so on.

Next is to match all the people in existence based on if they are good or bad with what they are going to receive from the entity. This takes a long time as you need to choose the future moments for each person. For example in the Flying Category fate:

Who is going to fly by plane and see the world?

Who is going to be in the plane that crashes?

Who is going to fly to the sky from being crazy in love?


Who is going to simply fly off a balcony?

The final stage, of course, is to send down to earth the “implementations” that implement the big agenda of events; including traveling all the way to Thailand and pushing me off the balcony.

What is in your mind when you think about an organized super duper program that files everything into good and bad? I guess the God concept, in its many forms, is the best fit in such a play. But then we are falling into religious beliefs and assumptions and as you already know, I am not into that whatsoever.

Besides this, who is to define in an absolute way what good or bad are?

Is there a “good” that is good for everyone, anytime, anywhere?

Is there a “bad” that is bad for everyone, anytime, anywhere?

It is obvious that the programming of our minds influence reality, and as a result, we perceive reality in a very limited and structured way.)

So why are so many people are often shocked and in disbelief when “bad things happens to “good ” people?

When you immerse yourself fully in the moment, you have no space to go to the mind and ask “why?”, as everything is as it is. From the moment I hit the ground to this present moment I never bothered with the question, “why did it happen?” as I was determined to go through it mindfully. The fact is that the mind questions because it is missing data to satisfy its own limited program. (I say limited because the mind does not have the capacity to perceive reality as it is. This is why it has so many holes to fill.) However, know that just because the mind questions, it does not mean the questions are relevant to the moment.

The reason why people are shocked when “bad” things happen to “good” people is because they have built a fairytale of how reality should unfold, purposely unaware of the endless possibilities that either didn’t fit in their movie or that they are simply are not aware of.

We are usually get “hit” by life when a possibility that wasn’t included in our script unfolds out of nowhere and leaves us confused as the director of our own movie.

For my small self, my fall was the most uplifting and powerful event at the time it happened, but not anymore as I am immersing into a new moment in each moment.


A lovely man that did my astrology chart for his own curiosity shared with me that to his biggest surprise, on the date of my fall nothing was predicted in my stars as a horrible event. On the contrary, Venus was floating somewhere close which supposedly indicates love, but not a disaster.

He couldn’t understand this figuration. I said, “Isn’t it obvious? I fell 30 feet down and didn’t get killed, didn’t hit my head, and even though I ended up with a broken spine, I didn’t end up, against all the odds, paralyzed. As a result of my fall I was embraced with the infinite energy of love that flowed to me from all over the world, helping me to heal rapidly. I met incredible healers that helped me on the journey to complete recovery. I had endless moments of immense gratitude for being alive and breathing with joy. Isn’t that what my chart was all about? Love and joy? Which proves to us that experiencing reality is all about perception.”

With Love and Joy, shakti

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