Freedom for Yoga from Government Regulations

Yogis and spiritual seekers of BC unite! (see our petition)

Dear friends, yogis, yoginis, sisters and brothers.

It is time for us to unite and stop the government from regulating yoga and spiritual teachings.

As yoga blossoms and gains popularity, bringing wellness for the community, the government (in this specific case in a form of a body called PCTIA) gets greedier and keeps milking yoga schools and teachers financially via bylaws, regulations and endless fines. As a result the small centers and schools are being pushed out of operation or forced to increase teaching tuitions. As PCTIA gets its power from the government BUT NOT a budget or any financial support, the more money they get from the yoga community the greater their offices and salaries become (which is an obvious conflict interest).

No spiritual practice should be regulated by government bodies that have no clue about spirituality. Since the ancient times spiritual teachers with different approaches, different teaching content and methods, have been available for the different students to choose from. Regulating yoga via endless fees will turn yoga in BC to be purely corporate and will stop individual teachers from offering their genuine teaching because they don’t have the financial means to remain in the “System.” This will be a disaster for the spiritual path and will cause yoga to be available only for the wealthy.

The same issue was raised in the US and the yogis successfully achieved the removal of government regulations from yoga schools.

Now it is our turn to stand for our right to practice yoga with no government involvement. We have the power, the right, and the urgency to unite, and with peaceful but firm means, stop the government from interfering with our spiritual practices.

Yoga schools are already regulated by the Yoga Alliance, an entity that successfully and objectively monitors the quality of Yoga teachers and schools without financial interest or hidden agendas.

Please sign our petition and take the time to share it with others. More actions are being planned regarding this matter and we will keep you updated.


Shakti Mhi and Pepe Danza.

3 Responses to “Freedom for Yoga from Government Regulations”

  1. Wyatt

    Your blog does not mention any of the fees that the Private career training intuition agency charges.What has been charged in the past what will be charged in the future?

    Do they investigate for quality to ensure students are receiving what they paid for?


  2. Joan Athey

    Very concerning. What exactly is PCTIA and how do they take fees and attempt to regulate yoga businesses?

  3. shakti mhi

    Thank you for your questions. I have answered them in great detail in a separate blog posting here:


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