(E=mc2)=(kundalini shakti)

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  1. E=mc2 means if a unit of mass suddenly turned into energy, we could find out what amount of energy would be conveyed from this quantity of mass. To find out, you multiply the amount of mass (m) by the square of the speed of light* (c2) and you will get the amount of the energy (e). This calculation shows us that any given mass unit holds relatively enormous amounts of energy in comparison to the amount of matter from which it is made. For example, if you converted the mass of a pen into energy, this energy could light a whole city.

    *speed of light-300,000,000 meter per second.

  1. Let’s expand our levels of perception and play with some numbers. The reason will become quite apparent.

    The big bang started from the tiniest but yet the densest particle in existence. This particle was in its utmost density because it contained all possibilities. There is no way to measure its mass as it was beyond all capacities, so we will indicate its imaginary mass’s measurelessness as B for big bang. We can theoretically measure the energy that this particle was withholding by multiplying its mass by the speed of light squared: E=Bc2. The total, of course, is beyond all concepts, so if you cannot grasp it with your mind, try to feel it…

  1. When this tiniest but yet densest particle in existence released its immense infinite energy in the big bang’s explosion, it released all possibilities of existence: from gas to matter to consciousness to us.
  1. Once the energy was released, it formed back into matter and into all forms and shapes: from atoms to stars to people and everything around us that you see or don’t see. This implies that everything is made from the same essence. In spirituality we relate to it as oneness.
  1. Einstein’s conclusion was that energy can be turned into matter and matter can be turned into energy. Two different forms of the same essence. In yoga we relate to this essence as prana, a life force that makes everything.
  1. Not only can energy be turned into matter, different particles can combine and create new forms of matter.
  1. During conception, two matters, sperm and egg, each holding a great amount of energy within themselves, combine and create a new form of physicality. In that moment, energy in the form of consciousness transforms into matter and combines with the other 2 matters, creating a physical body with consciousness. This consciousness-matter is in every atom of our physicality. If this infusion doesn’t happen and only the fusion of sperm and egg take place, we end up with a dead embryo.
  1. If all units of mass contain such enormous energy within themselves, this includes our physical bodies as well.
  1. The mass in the form of a human body holds a tremendous amount of energy, not only the physical matter times the speed of the light squared, but also the consciousness matter within it that holds the total energy of all.
  1. If 100% of the mass of a pen converted into energy can light a whole city, imagine the amount of energy our physical body can be converted into.
  1. The ancient yogis were aware of this energy which is infinitely larger than the physical body it lies dormant within. They called it Kundalini Shakti and they described it as a dormant serpent coiled in the bottom of the spine. They knew that the one who could transform this infinite energy would hold all possibilities to manifest and be manifested. But they also knew one more thing that hundreds of years later Einstein would define scientifically:
  1. Einstein said that the only way for all the energy to be released from its matter is for the mass to be annihilated. This process involves the total destruction of the matter.
  1. So the yogi faced dangerous knowledge. The potent energy that he needed to release from the physical matter (the energy that would transform him into a master), if fully released, would destroy the physical body where he dwells.
  1. The ancient science of kundalini yoga is all about how to release the enormous energy the physical mass holds within, through different practices such as asana, pranayam, kriyas and meditation without destroying the mass matter of the body.

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