Don’t Mess With Texas – OR YOGA!

News from the fight to keep government regulation out of yoga.

Don’t mess with Texas” is the boast of proudly independent Texans. And it turns out it’s not only true for the cowboys and cowgirls of the state – but also for its yogis and yoginis!

When the Texas government began regulating yoga teacher training in the state, the yoga community didn’t take it lying down and fought back against this government intrusion.

As Roger Rippy, Secretary of the Texas Yoga Association, put it:

On June 17, 2011, a bill signed into law by Governor Rick Perry has effectively ended the battle in the favor of yogis and their supporters who did not want the State of Texas to regulate yoga teacher training. The bill, which takes effect September 1, reads:

SECTION 1. Section 132.001, Education Code, is amended by adding Subdivision (15) to read as follows: (15) “Postsecondary program” means a program that requires a student to have a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate, or requires that the person be beyond the age of compulsory education. A program of instruction in yoga or that trains persons to teach yoga is not considered a postsecondary program.

Without going into too much detail here, this means that the Texas Workforce Commission will no longer have any jurisdiction to regulate yoga teacher trainings or (while never an issue in the past) yoga classes. This victory was made possible by the myriad people who dedicated their time, effort and money to this cause.

Without this coming together of the yoga community, we would not have had this level of success in this short of time. While I know not everyone supported or agreed with this initiative, I do think it benefits everyone nevertheless as the Texas Workforce Commission’s burdensome and unenlightened requirements were not designed or likely to improve or maintain the quality of yoga teacher trainings or increase the accessability of yoga to all. That noble pursuit will be an effort that will require more thought and more community input over time, and really that time is now.


So, take heart, yogis and yoginis of BC. We can win this thing.

We just need your help. Sign our petition today and share it widely.

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