Do you love what you do for a living or did you sell your soul for false security?

By Shakti Mhi

Do you love what you do for a living or did you sell your soul for false security?For three decades that I’ve been teaching yoga teacher trainings and for three decades my heart expands again and again when I see my students concentrate on their studies and share their knowledge with each other, genuinely and passionately. I love their thirst for knowledge rather than mere information. None of them joined the yoga teacher training courses because their parents or family pushed them to ;-) They chose to be a yoga teacher and they made the effort to get there, some with support and some with zero support. Teaching people who love what they study is true bliss.

Every year the numbers of young students that study subjects they have no interest in grow rapidly in universities, under the pressure of society, families, and parents, that convince the youngsters to let go of their dreams and passion and instead go and “get” a secure profession that will equip them with status, money, and the magic corporate word: “BENEFITS.” Once they complete their degrees they join a massive human network that collectively hates Mondays, hates getting up in the morning, start developing health conditions from a young age because they feel they are trapped in a nightmare of a life where they spend 8 to 10 hours a day in a job they don’t care about, in a work space they hate, with colleagues they mostly do not appreciate, working for corporations that consume all their dreams and energies.

From time to time I have brave students in my yoga courses that escaped the hell after spending already a few years at university studying accounting, business, law, and other subjects they didn’t care about. One day they woke up and left the system behind to do what they really want to do.

No one should live life away form their dreams. We should support the young generations so they can take off and live life fully, whatever that means to them. The idea that work should be separate from our hobbies and passions while the latter is done only on weekends and the yearly vacation is a false one and does not serve anyone as an individual. It only serves the “system.”

The sky is the limit… so be it.

Shakti Mhi
Prana Yoga College

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