Do you grow old or grow up?

Do you grow old or grow up?Some people grow old but do not grow up

Other people fear to grow old because they never grew up

Many people are afraid to grow up, so instead, they grow old.

Fewer people grow up and never grow old ;-)

What IS the difference between growing old and growing up?

Growing old has to do with the physical body. The physical body is a form of matter. Matter exists in space and time so it flows with the direction of time. We can say, in the beginning of our life, our bodies were new and with time the physical body grows old until it ceases. Growing old has to do with the changes that take place in shell that holds our consciousness in the physical dimension …In other words our PHYSICAL BODY

And growing up?

Growing up has to do with consciousness. Growing up is about growth of consciousness, awareness and knowing. It is not about gathering information. Collecting information is more like growing to the side, the same as when we collect too much food in our body ;-)

Growing up awakens our inner wisdom as the growth of a tree awakens the inner flowers to come out and blossom.

In many spiritual disciplines the age of 40 is considered as the age of wisdom.

If we perceive ourselves as spiritual seekers and yet we arrive at the age of wisdom while still being trapped in the illusion that we are our Bodies, we are fools.

In my teaching, I sometimes come across young people that are very wise and have great capacity to observe reality as it is and not as their minds and emotions project. As a result of being wiser for their age, these youngsters often deal with a great sense of loneliness and feeling like outsiders. In the right order these young spiritual people should be able to go to the elderly in their close circle and ask for spiritual guidance and support. But finding wise elderly as mentor is not so simple anymore.

Many elderly people (50 plus and on) that naturally should be the wise ones, more grounded, and with vast consciousness, are often confused themselves, dealing with doubts and crises as “ageing” approaches their bodies. The reason is that our model of aging is all upside down instead of inside out. Why upside down? Because as we age, we are expected by society to look younger than our age and stay sexy all the way to the end.

Aging should take place from inside out. That means, as we age, internal wisdom, should surface from inside out, replacing fleeting physical youth with eternity Consciousness.

Do you grow old or grow up?Take Madonna as an example:

  • She is a celebrity, and many young people follow her as a role model
  • She is in the age of wisdom
  • She has declared for many years that she is deeply involved in spiritual practices such as Yoga and Kabbalah.

Despite of the above, in her performances, she keeps demonstrating how she is completely identifying herself with her physical body. She is growing old without growing up.

If after so many years of practicing Yoga and Kabbalah one still demonstrates deep attachment to the physical body while having reached the age of wisdom, the practice never went deep and may just have been a shallow following of trends . If being sexy and attractive is still the aim at the age of 50 and older, as a consequence, suffering, fears, and denial will pave the journey to our departure day…

Consciousness growth is a process where we shake off all the identifications we been programmed to believe we are. Consciousness growth is a process where we start uniting with our essence beyond form and all the concepts we identify with. The first one to let go off is our identification that we are the physical body.

When you meet wise elders it is always a blissful experience. Being in the company of wise older people, who moved beyond their physicality, who accept and observe with peace and humour the process of aging, is a celebration. In the age of wisdom, the wise elderly naturally start to serve, support, and guide the ones that are on the way… These are the people that inspire the young ones to see that there is much more to our life experience than just aiming for physical beauty and sexual attraction…



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  1. Lori Lucas

    Namaste Shakti.
    So true!
    And Happy belated birthday as well. I was thinking of you wise one xo

  2. Diane Lu-Hovasse

    Thank you, Shakti. This is perfect for my many “Boomer and senior” students. Most don’t have enough physical function to even consider the physical body as more than a painful, slow and aching vessel. Their identification of the physical body is more deeply rooted in their physical pain. This detracts from their deeper awareness… but I’m working on it! Thanks for your insights.

  3. Kyla Dagenais

    I love and miss you. XOXO


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