Crisis and Struggles

There is time where all the walls of life seem to move closer to us giving the feeling of no way out.

The space for our existence gets smaller and smaller and we start suffocating.

The eyes are looking for the open horizon and instead they meet only with obstacles.

We try to open our arms to embrace new hopes and instead we hit the wall of our unfulfilled dreams.

We try to straighten our spine and lift the head above the walls and our head hits our limitations.

As a result of the absence of light within the box we lose the sparkle in our eyes.

After a while we lose faith…

We are so busy getting out of the box we don’t see the big flow that guided us to this box as part of our
journey towards awakening.

Crises and struggles are designed to awaken us and remind us that we are dwelling for too long in the wrong
hotel called ‘ignorance.’

If we won’t leave the hotel we will never be able to enjoy the city of realization, we will never experience
walking in the streets that carry us nowhere but free us to stroll joyfully in each moment.

On these streets you meet people who show you “the way” and in the next moment you are the one who
gives the directions.

Let it be.

Prana Yoga College

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