Be aware, you have been warned!

As you are evolving on the spiritual path, while observing your intents and actions, you let go of your primal fears and less and less identify with your emotions. As a result of the above you become freer, joyful and less needy, if at all.

That’s all good, as long as you do not have any expectations to receive an Oscar from your friends or relatives for being freer and for removing suffering from your life. Your friends and family won’t be happy to see you taking off to a blissful life while leaving them behind with their pain and suffering.

So be prepared! The moment you stop taking responsibility for other peoples’ pain by not allowing them to use you as the one to blame for their suffering, they declare war against you and the main weapon is accusation.

If you refuse to be pulled into their drama, they accuse you of being cold.

If you engage with them without a need while they need you, they say you are manipulative.

If you refuse to be swayed by their emotions, they complain you are hurting them.

And the best is when they claim your spiritual practice is selfish because you are not willing to take part in the collective mind’s drama anymore.

You are probably asking: so what to do when your friends and relatives are blaming you for not taking part in the human drama and for being detached? (On your side, make sure that you do not detach yourself from the world, cutting yourself off life. Non-attachment, the spiritual path, means not identifying with anything around you as well as yourself, and still always remain one with everything around you.)

The first thing is what not to do. Do not try to explain where you are at in seeing reality as it is. This will make them even more furious because they do not always have the capacity to experience where you are at. As a result they will start telling you what they really think about you (even though you never asked for their opinion ;-) ). Trust me; their description of you is not going to be flattering, as this is their last chance to convince you to go back to reality where no one takes responsibility for their own emotions or actions.

Secondly, do not expect them to even want to understand your new “you”, as all they really care about is what they are going to lose by letting you be free.

But never stop loving them, and don’t become superior to them. Simply breathe and continue doing what needs to be done in each moment.

It is all about love love love

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