Are You a Manifester?

Often we divide people into two groups: those who have the power to manifest, and those who cannot; most people consider themselves non-Manifesters.
Well, this is a wrong observation, as we all manifest all the time.

The difference between people is that some manifest with awareness and some without. Some manifest what their minds or hearts favour, and some do not.

The way of manifestation: All possibilities are in constant potential existence. We experience only the possibilities we single out. Then, with the force of our energy, we turn them on and manifest them to be our reality.

The energy force that “turns on” possibility into reality can be in the form of intense feelings, deep thoughts, strong emotions, forceful actions, intentions, high concentration and more. This forceful energy can be formed while we are aware of it or not aware of it.

As a metaphor, imagine being in an infinite space where endless sparkling dots are vibrating all over the place. Each of the vibrating dots is a possibility in a potential form (not yet in existence). Some of the dots hold the potential of health, some hold the potential of creativity, some dots hold the potential of different levels of consciousness, and some the potential of a relationship. You cannot see all the dots, as some of them vibrate in dimensions that your eyes cannot grasp on or perceive…yet. Some of the vibrating dots attract you more than the others; some require more force than others to be unfolded into reality. You move towards the ones that attract you and with your touch you unfold the chosen ones to become the moments of your reality.

Turning a possibility into reality consists of two steps:

A. You have to “see” the possibility, to “know” it exists, to be able to perceive it.
B. You need to project powerful force, which will release the content within the dot, the potential substance.

This is why prayer is such a common and popular ritual for manifesting one’s wishes. When you pray, first you single out the possibility (in the form of a wish) and then you direct a powerful energy force towards it in the form of high concentration, hope and belief. Prayer that manifests a wish is a formula, not a miracle.

Other examples of turning a specific possibility into reality:

Example 1.
When you are fearful, on a daily basis, about not having enough money for your needs:
A. you see and recognize the possibility of reality with no money.
B. the force of your fear, if strong enough, will turn on the possibility of constant lack of money.

Example 2.
When you’re positively passionate about becoming a successful artist:
A. you recognize the potential of being an artist in supportive and pleasant circumstances.
B. your excitement and passion, free of doubts and hesitations, may be the force that will unfold this possibility, and there you are – a successful creative artist. (Good for you ;-)

Example 3:
When you sit in meditation, concentrating on love, compassion, or spiritual expansion:
A. you recognize each of the above as a possibility.
B. The calmness and inner peace you experience while meditating may be the force to transform these possibilities into your desirable reality.

We need to be able to perceive a possibility before we manifest it.

If you have no concept whatsoever that you can be a dancer, you will not manifest this possibility. On the other hand, if your circumstances are not in favour of you becoming a dancer or even “against” you, but you vibrate the concept “I am a dancer” with great passion and a strong belief, free of doubts, fears or hesitation, you may become a dancer against all odds.

If you have no concept of getting cancer you won’t get cancer; if you get cancer but you turn on the possibility of self-healing, you will recover from your cancer.

The above is about the individual’s manifestation of reality.

The same is applied to the collective-consciousness’s manifestation.

Everything you see around you – what we call “the universe” – is the manifestation of the collective manifester.

We all, as one collective consciousness, create a force that keeps shaping the universe.

When a large group of people gathers together for meditation, and they create a vibrating force through an intent concentration, they have the power to transform circumstances by evoking a desirable potential outcome such as stopping violence and bringing peace in or changing someone’s health condition to be better.

In the same manner, if society in large collectively fears something, it may manifest a reality that will support the fear.

And last but not least, this can be another way to interpret our death. Our energy force that fuels the possibility of us being alive, getting weaker and weaker, until it has no more power to keep this possibility on…so the possibility of being alive turns off…

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