An allergy is an exaggerated immune response or reaction to substances that are generally not harmful.

If you don’t suffer from an allergy yourself, you probably know people who do. When people have allergies, they feel it has something to do with their personal condition or their personal health state. This is only partially true. Fifty years ago, one in thirty people were affected by allergies, but in Britain today it is closer to one in three!!! 40% of all children suffer from allergies and the numbers just keep increasing. So when we talk allergy, we do not deal with an individual condition only, we deal with an epidemic disease that attacks the human race in endless forms, conditions and symptoms.

People are allergic to pollen, to seafood, to peanuts, to house dust, to pets, to grass, etc. People suffer from hay fever and from asthma… The list is endless, and the truth is that we are becoming allergic to Mother Earth. What used to be our home is now becoming an environmental trap.

The reason for our collective poor health situation as a race is that our body, nervous system and immune system were designed to deal with Mother Earth in the state she was before we polluted her. Although our bodies haven’t changed in the last 100,000 years, our environment changed rapidly without giving us time to adapt to the new conditions (if such a thing is possible at all). Our bodies were not designed to live in an environment full of chemicals and pollution while eating modified foods. We are designed to get up at sunrise and go to sleep at sunset without being over stimulated by noise and artificial lights.

We’ve arrived at a point where most of the population’s immune system cannot deal anymore with the burden of chemicals and over stimulation of the senses/nervous system. As a metaphor, imagine a person who lives in a house that is constantly being flooded by dirty water. All day and night he needs to keep removing the dirty water out of the house so he won’t drown. Sooner or later this person will reach physical exhaustion as well as mental fatigue. He won’t be able to think straight anymore and as a result will start to make wrong choices that will be harmful to his house and himself. The same happens with our immune system. It gets overworked by constantly trying to remove unfamiliar chemicals and toxins from the different organs and systems until it collapses and loses its judgment and starts to attack harmless substances such as pollen and peanuts.

The yogis were aware of the fact that if the body deals with constant health issues, the ongoing symptoms will consume most of the person’s energy and will leave him/her depleted of energy to fully experience existence. This is why so many holistic techniques and methods were developed in yoga to help remove toxins from the body and ease the general process of physical maintenance.

If you are facing allergy symptoms, do not settle into it as if nothing could be done. Take action… change your lifestyle… find holistic solutions and apply them… and be patient.

I am inviting you to a day of practical seminars where you will learn various useful methods to clean and balance your body. Please see details below.

Workshops with shakti mhi

When: Sunday April 17th

  • 5 Tibetans 10am – 12pm
  • Urine Therapy 1pm – 3pm
  • Liver Cleanse 3:30 – 6:30pm

The Five Tibetan Exercises ($60)

The Five Tibetan Exercises are a rejuvenating series of movements that will keep you young, healthy, and energetic throughout your life. This series can be performed by yourself in the morning in as little as 12 minutes with no equipment required. By balancing the hormonal systems, improving circulation, and increasing bone density, these exercises can halt or reverse the negative effects of aging.

Shivambu (Urine Therapy) ($60)

Shivambu (Urine Therapy) is an ancient yogic practice known for many centuries that has lapsed into obscurity. shakti mhi is Vancouver’s foremost authority on this powerful healing technique.

Urine therapy is a very ancient and drugless form of intrinsic medicine. Its application is so simple that it can be done anywhere and at any time. Urine has been used as a healing agent in many cultures. Often it is called the Water of Life or Living Water Within. In many religions it is believed that this water will enhance one’s spiritual growth and even give one everlasting life. Learn to heal yourself of: skin disorders, ear and eye infections, fungal infections, and immune system disorders.

Liver Cleanse ($80)

You will learn a simple, step-by-step procedure for cleaning the liver and the gall bladder. Since liver is the main filter of blood, if the liver is full of toxins – as a result of taking medication, consuming alcohol, unhealthy eating, being under stress etc. – then the blood is not clean anymore. As a consequence, the blood carries toxins to the whole body. Symptoms of toxins in the liver are: allergies, low energy, anger, mood swings, skin problems, digestive problems and much more.

During the course you will learn how to do liver cleanse. The actual cleanse is something you do on your own; it takes a day and a half and it’s not painful.


  • Register and pay by Friday April 15th and receive a discount of $15 on each workshop
  • Register and pay for all three before Friday April 15th for total price $140
  • You’re welcome to simply come to the workshop of your choice on Sunday – no discount applies
  • Please visit Prana office at 293 East 2nd Avenue or call 604-682-2121 to register
  • Payment by cash or credit card

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